Pilates is great for older people

Pilates can help counter-act the affects of ageing

In reality, most of us are never going to have a physique like this picture of Joseph Pilates at the age of 57. Indeed most of us would not even want to.

However, you may have certain health or fitness concerns that when you were younger would not have even crossed your mind.

Pilates addresses these concerns, for example flexibility & mobility issues, and taking positive action to improve them.

I have undergone specific training for the over 55s. This takes into consideration many different concerns that face almost everyone as they get older, for example:

The good news is that Pilates can help with any of these and more.

We run classes with young at heart people in their 70s and 80s regularly attending. From experience, people have told me that they gain the following results from regularly attending a Pilates class:

Pilates helps you look after your body as you get older

Joseph Pilates at age 57

(Picture taken in 1937)